On 26 August 2016 the Lyndales’ team went for the firm’s annual day out in picturesque Bath.

What was on the agenda? Drinks, good food, good company, drinks again, boat sail, walks and drinks (it is England after all☺).

We were lucky with the weather and arrived late morning in sunny Bath, Ashley, Marc and Darrell headed straight to the Spa and the rest of us had a wander around in the centre and stopped for drinks and nibbles in a local bar to relax and plan our next steps. This was stop number one out of a few to come!

Tom who is local to Bath had offered his guidance in walking through the old parts of the town another option was taking a city tour bus. I decided to join Sophie for a tour in the Roman Baths. We had just over an hour till lunch time and that should have been just enough (Tom had kindly checked and approved).

The Roman Baths were quite impressive and I could visualise the Romans sitting there with their tunics. Appealing as it might had been, both Sophie and I found the water suspiciously green and this had affected our strong desire to jump for a swim. After an hour in the Baths it was just the perfect time for lunch and we found our way (or more correctly Sophie found our way) to the restaurant.

We were happy to join the rest of the team in the restaurant and we had pre-meal drinks and a bubbly (courtesy of Tom) toasting for Olivia’s magnificent results in her recent law exams! (well done Olivia!).  Food was lovely and in abundance and without noticing we spent a few good hours there eating, laughing and having a really good time.

For the finale we stopped in a Gin bar (I did not realise such bars existed…) and we had a boat sail on the canal.

On our way back we enjoyed the privacy of sitting in a first class coach (for the majority of the journey – why? A long story☺) and had some good laughs all tired after a good day and looking forward to the bank holiday weekend!


By Noga Kogman

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