A Pay Monthly Package for SMEs

  • 4 to 6 hours of Legal advice per 12 months.
  • Roll-over advice time for on-going users.
  • Spread costs of expensive legal documents over a year.
  • Access to years of experience from professionals who specialise in all aspects of business law.
Stanley Harris OBE Your contact for Konka 360 is Stanley Harris OBE — stan@lyndales.co.uk

What is Konka 360?

When starting up or looking to take your business to the next level, you can often find there are many legal hurdles to overcome. Agreements, contracts, employees, insurance and small print all come with their own set of legalities that can prove costly.

But with Lyndales this needn't be the case.

From £300 a month, we offer SMEs a pay monthly package that gives them 4 to 6 hours of legal advice plus the ability to spread the cost of any legal paperwork they require to be drawn up over a 12 month period. Which is both handy and important when dealing with a carefully managed budget.

We've always championed new businesses and hope that Konka 360 gives SMEs the opportunity to grow; safe in the knowledge that our legal team can support them at every turn.